Monday, 18 January 2010

Cd analysis

From the Blondie Cd cover it created the impression of portaying a really bold statement . The contrast between the white and black works well and highlights the costumes completing the layout and design of the CD cover. Black and white also represent the highest level of contrast. and compliment each other because the human eye is more sensitive to those two colours. When creating our Cd cover we intend to have really bold colours that work well together to explore a more better impact when being viewed by its audience. The Saturdays CD cover removes all colour away from imagery except from the colours within the dresses which is significant to image of the band because they all have their own individual colour. The only remaining colour within the image seems to be edited by exploring the brightness and contrast to alluminate the colour more and to highlight the contrast between the lack of colour and the bold burst of colour.
The Sugababes Cd cover is is plain compared to the others and focuses mainly on the black and darkness within the imagery. The band are positioned almost symetrically and angled which is something i would like to try with my Cd cover, the simplicity and symetrical approach seems to work well by highlighting the band as being equal.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spice Girls Poster analysis

I came across this poster of the Spice Girls, I decided to look into because it seemed to almost juxtapose what we wanted within our poster to sell Tainted Reality. Although it is bold and very observant when becoming eye catching it comes across to hectic and crowded with all of the writing almost as if it has tried to squeeze into one poster. The bold colours stand out so well because the black and pink contrast well against each other creating a bold and dramatic outlook of the Girl Band symbolising that they want to gain they're audience's attention. The matching outfits symbolise a closeness within the band and creates the stereotypical approach of what most Girl bands conform with, they're styles connect with each other and sometimes involves certain characteristics and personal things to interact with they're personalities. The constant use of black within the image seems to create the symbolic idea of creating a bold statement and normally associated with rock and roll introducing the simplistic leather black outfits they are wearing.

Blondie Poster analysis

Because we decided to use the song "One way or another" by the female artist Blondie or also known as DebbieHarry, I decided to look into posters focusing on her because i wanted to see the different aspect and styles used. The colours are very bold and the black introduces and bold punky and rock style where as the yellow is symbolistic to "Blondie", The bright yellow clashes with the the blue and dark makeup but still creates a noticable and intruiging response when looking at the poster. The bold title contrast with white and black similar to how I want our poster to be like, I personally feel the contrast between white and black are two strong colours to focus on, highlighting certain aspects and lighting within the imagery.

Friday, 15 January 2010

The Saturdays Poster analysis

I decided to look into this poster by the Saturdays because it seemed a modern approach to todays society and younger audience. The symbolistic approach of having matching outfits but with different styles to introduce individuality within the group

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Change !

Basically our singer has pulled out so we are going to need to make a change within the digipack and reshoot certain part of our video again, we have found a replacement person which has only set us back a little bit so we intend to do the best we can.

Friday, 8 January 2010