Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009

Destiny child

The video by Destiny Child is non stop changing of movement and colours, the individual rooms and scenes are individual colours its appealing and interesting to watch, mainly because it is subtle but gives the impression of what the colours mean for example red is seen as sexy and seductive compared to blue which is represented to be calming and peaceful.

Scissor Sisters

This is the music video by the scissor sisters, it is alot slower than the others i have chosen so far but it appeals to be because it partly animated and shows a story within the video.

Red hot chillie peppers

This video by the red hot chili peppers has always appealed to me, the camera work is continuously moving especially at the beginning where it follows down the yellow tube. The movement and whole video is non stop and works at the same pace of the music, for example when the music slows down so does the movement and pace.

Ok Go

This is the music video from the band Ok Go, I have always liked this music video because of the simplicity and unique style, it always has and still remains unique and appealing to me but especially the humorous side.

This is my music blog.... Over the next few months i will be posting links to music video's, expressing my opinions and thoughts of individual music video's and the certain techniques used. I intend to analyse them and present my likes and dislikes of them and expressing my individual ideas and what interests me within presenting music as a music video.