Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Potencial ideas

It hasnt been decided yet whether we will be creating either a poster or a website, however we are currently looking forward to making the website because we feel we could explore so many possibilities with this idea and we have also seen other music artists websites and think this could help and give us an advantage with certain techniques and what we within the website.

To do list.....

Finish filming and editing
Finish Digipack, add two more images of the group.
Create a website.

To do shots.....
Corridor scene.
White wall
Black wall
Laying down shot with fabrication.
Walking towards the camera.
Camera moving shot, (multiple shot by using a DSLR camera).

Equipment needed
Assetate paper

With most of the equipment needed we already have or have easy access to so it shouldnt cause any problems with fliming.

Friday, 27 November 2009

We have now began filming and taking pictures. We have explored with different lighting, positioning and camera technique's. For our first part of filming went well and gradually the more practice we experience he more we will get better and improve our skills.

Friday, 13 November 2009

This is our new digipack design we have not uploaded pictures of the band yet but we intend to do this later this week. At the moment we are strongly agreeing with a black and white theme for the image of the girl band.

Change of Digipack

We developed a few problems with developing our digipack and the amount of panels we chose. We chose a difficult digipack because we wanted to challenge ourselves but soon developed unnecessary problems that could be resolved by simple changing the amount of panels we use and the imagery created on the digipack panels.

Friday, 16 October 2009


These are our fonts we were experimenting with using photoshop, after analysing which one we prefered we decided on the font Blackadder.

Change !

Due to fact we cant find enough people and one of us needs to film and take photo's we decided to limit our girlband down to 3 people.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Thursday, 1 October 2009

One Way or Another

The song we have chosen is by the American Rock band Blondie, founded by lead singer Deborah Harry, there is no original music video for this song so this oculd potentially work in out favour. The band was created in the mid 1970s and the band achieved several hit singles.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Chosen Song

One Way Or Another

One way,or another, I'm gonna find ya;I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna win ya;I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna see ya;I'm gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya!
One day, maybe next week,I'm gonna meet ya, I'm gonna meet ya, I'll meet ya!
will drive past your house,And if the lights are all down,I'll see who's around...
One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya;I'm gonna get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna win ya;I'll get ya! I'll get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna see ya;I'm gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya!
One day, maybe next week, I'm gonna meet ya;I'll meet ya!
Ahhh And if the lights are all out,I'll follow your bus downtown,See who's hangin' 'round!
One way, or another, I'm gonna lose ya;I'm gonna give you the slip!
A slip of the hip, or another;I'm gonna lose ya, I'm gonna trick ya! I'll trick ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna lose ya;I'm gonna trick ya trick ya trick ya trick ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna lose ya;I'm gonna give you the slip!
I walked down the hall,Stand over by the wall,Where I can see it all ,Find out who ya call!
Lead you to the supermarket checkout, See speacials on rackThen get lost in the crowd!
One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya;I'll get ya, I'll get ya get ya get ya get ya! One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya;I'll get ya, I'll get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya;I'll get ya, I'll get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya;I'll get ya, I'll get ya get ya get ya get ya!
One way, or another, I'm gonna get ya;I'll get ya, I'll get ya get ya get ya get ya!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Chosen Band Name

Name idea's for our bands.

Tainted Reality
The Manhattan's
Fallen Angel's
Sweet Symphony
Beautiful Lyrics
Harmony Chix

**** Favourites

Friday, 25 September 2009

Creating Our Music Artist


Genre: Pop rock, ElectroPop and Dance

Our artist will be formed as a young girl band all ranged around the ages between 18 and 23. The all girl band consists of 5 members, all attractive, and each with a unique and individual voice and personality to bring to group.

Biography: The girls all come from the UK and each play instrument's like the guitar, the piano and the drums. They all grew up together, sharing a passion for music and the devotion to pursue their love of music. They grew up listening to influential music from artist such as, Spice Girls, The Bangles and Banaramma. They have performed at charity gigs and have been a supporting act for the artist Pink's recent tour of the UK. The group are now preparing for the UK tour which the dates will soon be posted on their twitter page and website later this month. They will also be featured in next months Look magazine and have many up coming magazine deals and TV appearances. They are also signed up for interviews with T4 and two other radio stations and will be doing a Cd signing when their single is released in the 15Th October.

The artist image and how it will be constructed: Tainted Reality all have their individual styles and how they are presented but are linked together and with each others personalities. The completed image to their audiences and the media will be sophisticated and sexy. Tainted Reality produce their own music and have a major say in all of what they do.

The Bands identity: Bold and Sexy, they will be in control of their music career and the representation of their band. They make decisions together and want their image to constantly change to keep their audience intrigued.

Web space: Tainted Reality have their own website aimed at their audience and each band member has an individual twitter page for their fans to contact them, and to show the normality within the group.

PR stunts and Gimmicks:
The band used to have a regular job at a bar in London where they would perform on a Friday night. Alliances that will be used are things such as an upcoming chance to record with Timberland and Mr Hudson. Tainted Reality want to get out there and do as much as possible to promote themselves, especially if it benefits their loyal fans.

CD: With each individual CD a promotional code will be given to access the website, which will enter the fan into a draw to win front row seats to the upcoming tour. The digipack will have a singed photo of each band member, song lyrics and information about the band.

Target Audience: Tainted Reality will be aimed at mostly teenagers ranging from the ages starting at 13 to most probably people in their 20s. However its impossible to designate an actual age range of the audience because their music could potentially be aimed for any age because their style changes constantly and isn't just a narrow category.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

My Group

My group consists of me and Nichola Daley, we both share similar ideas and together we can bring very individual skills to the project.

After alot of consideration we have decided on the idea of creating a girlband, taking into context the traditions that most girlbands have.
Some of the girlbands we will be looking at range over recent years and decades; girlbands like


Girls Aloud

The Supremes

The Sugababes

The Saturdays

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Rough Trade

Rough Trade was found and set up by Geoff Travis in 1978 who began travelling across North America adding to his already large record collection. The company is an independent record label. The main focus of the music industry is the audience which helps develop and progress the industries, for example rough trade records began targeting individual audiences which slowly and gradually developed into a wider audience.
By the end of 1979, a number of bands now commonly associated with Rough Trade had started to release records on the label, including Scritti Politti and The Raincoats. Rough Trade had grown far too large for its legendary tiny premises. The success of the label, which by then distributed product by many hundreds of independent record labels, meant that larger premises needed to be found and in December 1980, the label and distribution moved to Blenheim Crescent.
The signing of The Smiths in 1983 out Rough Trade into new territory. However in 1991 the success got too much and the record company and the rights to the Rough Trade name itself, were sold off in an attempt to cover Distribution’s debts. Despite bankrupcy RoughTrade soon got back on its feet and relaunched on 2000.

Some of the artists connected with Rough Trade are ;
The Libertines
The Raincoats
Scriiti Politti
The smiths

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

John Landis

John Landis is an American film director, screen writer, actor and producer. He is known for his comedies and his music video with singer Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson's Thriller is a 14-minute music video and was most successful and expensive video created so far. Landis also known for Michael Jackson's "Black or White video" and videos for Pail McCartney.

I chose John Landis because i remembered hearing about him as being the director of the Thriller music video and decided to look into him and see what his work was like, as i researched him I became fascinated by what he had achieved and been involved in. Another thing which interested me was that he just didn't specialise in one certain area but a whole variety, almost giving the impression that he didn't like to just settle for one career option and he like to explore other aspects of his career.

In 1980, Landis co-wrote and directed The blues Brothers. It featured musical numbers by legends such as James Brown Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles.At the time it was one of the most expensive films ever made. Landis has worked for a variety of companies including Direct TV, Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kellogg's and Disney. Landis had also worked as a stunt man specialising in certain falls.

Case Study on a music artist

Britney Spears

I chose Britney Spears mainly because her work and herself is well known, she has had alot of media attention since she first began as a teenager and i felt there was so much to say about the artist from the drastic change in which her career has taken.

Britney Spears is a musician and an entertainer,she signed a recording contract with Jive, releasing her debut album Baby one more time in 1999, however the video caused alot of trouble as it was said to be 'disturbing mix of childhood innocence and adult sexuality'. The album reached number one. Britney has practical grown up within the media and her public life has been made public from the fact she has been married twice with two children with Kevin Federline and the idea which was created showing Britney being represented as unstable.

Britney Spears next album was called "oops i did it again" this album also headed straight to number one and Britney's career began to take off. In early 2002, Britneys four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake ended. His 2002 song "Cry me a river" and its music video, which featured an actress resembling Britney, caused speculation that she had been unfaithful.

Next Britney had her first starring role in the 2002 film Crossroads in which she portrayed a high school graduate who travels to find her long-lost mother. The movie was poorly received, as was her performance; Spears received an award for Worst Actress and for Worst Original Song.

At a performance at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, she appeared performing the song "Like a Virgin", and was later joined by singer Madonna, with whom Britney kissed on the lips and the incident was highly publicize.

In July 2004, Britney announced her engagement to Kevin Federline, three months after they met. Federline had recently been in a relationship with actress Shar Jackson, who was eight months pregnant with their second child. Later on Britney went on to having two children with Kevin and later getting divorced in 2007.
Britney now appears to be doing better after success of her recent album and single "Circus" in which also hit number one.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I chose to analyse this music video because its different to other videos because instead of promoting the music and the artist by using fancy editing or intriguing camera work, its just simple in ways. Another reason this video appealed to me more than the others did is because it is animated. The video and animation is constantly moving making your eyes focus more and follow the potential idea of the song creating a story. The video also features elements of humour appealing to a possible target audience by introducing humour and funny yet interesting animated characters within the video. The Graphics of the video is important to the video because it helps make the contrast between the individual features work together for example the constant use of the saturated colour and bold text. Another noticeable aspect from the video is that the animation works in time with the beat of the music.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009

Destiny child

The video by Destiny Child is non stop changing of movement and colours, the individual rooms and scenes are individual colours its appealing and interesting to watch, mainly because it is subtle but gives the impression of what the colours mean for example red is seen as sexy and seductive compared to blue which is represented to be calming and peaceful.

Scissor Sisters

This is the music video by the scissor sisters, it is alot slower than the others i have chosen so far but it appeals to be because it partly animated and shows a story within the video.

Red hot chillie peppers

This video by the red hot chili peppers has always appealed to me, the camera work is continuously moving especially at the beginning where it follows down the yellow tube. The movement and whole video is non stop and works at the same pace of the music, for example when the music slows down so does the movement and pace.

Ok Go

This is the music video from the band Ok Go, I have always liked this music video because of the simplicity and unique style, it always has and still remains unique and appealing to me but especially the humorous side.

This is my music blog.... Over the next few months i will be posting links to music video's, expressing my opinions and thoughts of individual music video's and the certain techniques used. I intend to analyse them and present my likes and dislikes of them and expressing my individual ideas and what interests me within presenting music as a music video.